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According to recent studies, bathroom and kitchen floors attract the most bacteria out of any area in a living space. Carpeting, poor ventilation, excessive humidity, porous walls, and outdoor pollution can make these already difficult areas harder to clean and sanitize. Some floor cleaning services do not provide different services for different floors. A hardwood floor requires different solutions than stone or ceramic tile. If the infrastructure of a building is old, this must also be factored into the cleaning solution. For many people, finding a cleaning solution that is non-toxic, effective, and particular to the kind of floor surface can be daunting and frustrating.

Our floor cleaning services include general cleaning, sanitation, carpet extraction, and finishing services. We are adept at finding the appropriate balance between exceptional cleaning and sanitation needs and environmental concerns. Our solutions are non-toxic and non-invasive. We bring years of experience cleaning, installing, and finishing a broad range of floor surfaces and will work carefully with you to ensure that your floor is handled with the utmost care.


Our floor cleaning professionals can perform:

  • Carpet deep cleaning and spotter remover
  • Clean and finish newly installed floors
  • Cleaning tiles, such as ceramic or linoleum, without damage or wear to surface
  • Cleaning laminates
  • Cleaning vinyl sheets
  • Preventive, non-toxic solutions for daily floor care
  • Bringing old floors back to life
  • Regular maintenance of restaurant kitchen floors and bathroom floors

If you own or run a business and wish to be competitive, having immaculate floors is a must. If you have a residential property, clean, sanitized floor surfaces are essential to the welfare of the residents and sound maintenance of the property. As the base and most visible aspect a building’s infrastructure, floors require care and attention.

Our professional cleaning services can be customized for your particular needs. Please contact us for an estimate and our friendly staff will be happy to discuss our services further with you.

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